Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Snow-cool = sooo cool, or there's no school, or snow school;
however you want to interpret it; I have decided to interpret it this way;
Snow = no school = so cool!

I love that call that comes at 6:00 a.m.
You know the one?  You wonder why that ringing is coming from your ear, and then you clue in that it's the phone.  You can barely form words, or say hello, but you already have a smile because you know!

I love snow days!
Maybe better is that I have DECIDED to LOVE snow days.  There's just something about it.
In fact, I love it when I see words like this;

Warnings, and Watches are awesome...literally.  It's amazing to watch how the one thing we cannot control at all, can control us so well.

I know so many of you are probably rolling your eyes, or thinking I'm unreal.
But if there's one thing I've learned in life it's to either appreciate what has been put in front of you, or walk around with a scowl and be bitter.

I can't help but think of the night that I made bok choy for my family as the vegetable side.
They all raised their eyebrows, and sniff a little, asking what is it, and more importantly for their palates; what's IN it.  But you know what?  They have also learned to take what's in front of them and appreciate it for what it is...even if it smells like socks and looks weird.
They all tried that bok choy and you know what?!  Ok, only one liked it.  But my oldest actually preferred it over broccoli!! YAY!, and all because they know that they just have to take a little step and think outside the box.

So I have chosen to do that with my snow days.
They could mope around the house, or I could help them take a step and let them realize that it's time to appreciate the cold, blowing white stuff.
So we dared make the little trek to a local store and got some necessities; at the same time I let them pick out something they wanted for lunch.
My cart quickly filled up with a chicken pot pie, pizza, a single portion of lasagna, mr. noodles, and the obvious favourite of a 1 and 4 year old; mac and cheese.
Then I decided to show them what a donut is in the parking lot!  Ok, it was more like half or 3/4 a donut because even at 35 I'm a little skidish.
Then we hopped over to the library where they grabbed a book and a movie.
And you know what; it's not maybe the nicest...but we're gonna bundle up and go out to shovel the rink, and maybe slide around on the ice hiding under the snow.  It might not be a long excursion, but when they come back in; it'll be hot chocolate, and popcorn!

I'm thankful the phone rang at 6 a.m.  To me it means a slower pace, some adventure and good fun!
So take a snow day and think outside the box!!
Take what's placed in front of you and make it something...
Now if you excuse me; I've got some snow to tend to!! :)