Saturday, December 28, 2013

KISS it and grab a hug this season.

KISS it and grab a hug this season...
well, because; it's true.

I was doing dishes for the third time when I gazed outside at my 4 year old son and neice playing.  Running around in the nearly melted snow.  Not seeming to notice the green patches that lay among the piles of white, not caring about the fact that there wasn't enough snow to go toboganning, and that it was so wet their snow pants looked more like splash pants.  And then at random intervals between rolling on the ground, swinging on the tire swing and shovelling or "digging for treasure" (not sure how many dog bombs they uncovered), they would break into a hug.  Both arms wrapping eachother tight, falling over, and then ...back to playing.

It started me thinking about this holiday season.
Enter KISS and hug ;)
Kiss is actually an acronym for "Keep it Simple Stupid", or as a mother of 6 would say, "Keep it Simple Silly".

We do the hustle and bustle around during the Christmas season, trying to knock off all the gifts on our wish list, trying to incorporate everyone into the season.
We have things to do, places to go, and people to see. 

I have spent the last week with family, having dinners, eating too much, and not getting enough sleep.
But I think the things I have enjoyed the most were the laughs, the good times, traditions shared, and the memories made.  We have watched the movie "Elf" and "Rudolph" and the "Grinch" every year, and yet; it never gets old.
Now it's a little annoying that my children can almost recite every line; and yet when they get excited that a certain part is coming up; it makes me laugh at how they can get excited every year when Will Farrell jumps into a "no it's not" argument with the store manager.

The point is; when I have asked my kids what their favourite part of the holiday has been so far; they haven't said their gifts, they haven't said the food, and they haven't said that it's that they have missed their bed times by hours.
It's that they got to go skating outside with their Dad, that they played games with us till 9p.m., and that they have seen their cousins.
Well; if I had known how easy it was to KISS it; I would never have bought the gifts...
and simply told them to KISS it and give me a hug!

So with that; enjoy the second week of your holiday season.
Our family wishes you all a happy and healthy New Year...
and when you ring in 2014...just KISS it, because chances are; it will make you happier, and it will be more appreciated.

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